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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

when a no says it all - continued

....Saying no to one thing can change the whole course of life, like saying no to a particular kind of job or saying no to a proposal, particularly the latter, cause you have said no to all the changes this prposer could bring to your life....could be good or could be bad......but it would have a been a complete course of life that was nipped in bud by a little NO......laconic eh!....just imagine two letters halting a particlular course of life......Thats why I say a NO says it all....
These two letters  not only speak about the future course of life but they say it all about the one who says them... I wonder whether the psychologists have ever thought of using this power of sayin  no to analyse a person's behavioural, interpersonal skill, his attitude, his thought proceess etc. In my view there should be a science based on saying NO. And i can rightly justify the need of this science. Infact we can broadly classify people on following basis:
1)How frequently people say NO
2)How much time people take to say NO
3)The ease of saying NO

Like for eg. based on how frequently people say NO, there are people who have a deeply rooted negative, apprehensive nature, they always see what could go wrong and they would always start with a 'NO this cant be done because or NO we cannot go today because......' and the others who rarely say NO to a thing and are open for more, then, there are those who take little time in saying NO, pretty decisive, and the others who keep on pondering the iffs ad buts of saying NO, the confused lots, basically the ones who are neither ready to plunge in, nor ready to forgo it.......and these are the most irritating ones, these kind generally wait for others to take their decision and most of the time end up in a NO only. The ease with which one say No says a big deal too, for eg. there are people who are submissive and would never say NO, they would always agree to what others say. Identlfy sea as greenish blue they would say yes and identify it as bluish green and they would say yes.......these kind do not have a opinion of their own, they fear taking decisions, so they are the ones who only obey.......true or false type questions are there nightmare...Infact there are infinite possibilities that a No can say about the one who utters it........
I wonder whether the HR mangers would ever think of using the power of  NO, of teaching the people improve their attitude, behavioural skills, interpersonal skills, etc........May be someday I will write a book on the power of NO....because i have heard it many times when a NO says it all.......

Like for eg, there are persons who are completely incapable of saying no

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